Pre K-2nd grade

In PE class, the students will be provided the opportunity to play with friends as they develop their gross motor skills.   Students will be challenged to learn skilled movements and motor activities through locomotor and non-locomotor activities, the manipulation of objects, rhythmic activities, tumbling exercises, and recreational games.  My goal is for every student to feel competent as they learn new skills as they grow and develop through various stages of their physical development.  Christian values are reinforced to gain the love of physical activity and to promote a sense  of fair play during each class.  

3rd – 5th grades

The students will be learning specialized skill movements, principles, and concepts during cooperative and competitive activities.   The students will be playing a variety of sports, rhythmic activities, gymnastics, and recreational games.  My desire is for the children to make a conscious decision to choose physical activities because of enjoyment and the personal health benefits associated with personal fitness.   Christian values are reinforced to gain the love of physical activity and to promote a sense of fair play during each class.

6th – 8th grades

Since God has provided us with the tools to protect and care for our bodies, my goal is to help the students gain a passion and appreciation for physical activity and healthy living.  The students will be learning various sports, rhythmic activities, and recreational games.  Also, we will be focusing on skill development, lead-up games, and strategies to enhance the students’ knowledge of each sport and to increase their personal fitness levels.

Mrs. Vicki Gabbert

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